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The High- performance ADVIA Centaur XP system has more on board reagents and dedicated STAT capabilities to maximize productivity, regardless of volume or types of tests. Always ready, continuous operation without interruption.

High throughput, up to 240 tests/hour

Intuitive software for ease of operation

STAT port guarantees priority sampling at any time

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Powerful Productivity

High throughput, up to 240 tests per hour, to keep pace with peak workload times

High-resolution touch screen for easy interaction

Expanded ancillary reagent and fluid capacity

Data archive feature reduces time for administrative tasks

Universal sample rack design eliminates manual tasks

Excellent Patient Care

STAT port guarantees priority sampling at any time

Disposable pipette tips eliminate sample-to-sample carry over

Automatic dilution, repeat and reflex testing

Smart Algorithm Software automatically repeats and confirms reactive testing


The ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System is a highthroughput bench top system that enhances your in-house test capability. WIth its broad menu and short Turn Around Times (TAT), you can do more-without compromising efficiency, productivity, or quality. And it features the superior sensitivity and specificity you expect of Chemiluminescent with Advanced Acridinium Ester Technology.

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The ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System is a surprisingly powerful and fast midsixed immunoassay system. This consolidated platform with its enhanced menu capacity improves workflow and decreases costs by eliminating the need for multiple systems.


Patient Care: The ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay system allows your lab to provide excellent patient care by bringing a wide range of immunoassays onto a single workstation, including infectious disease and Serum HER-2 / neu.

Comprehensive disease state testing menu

TAT in as little as 15 minutes for most assays

Sample and reagent bubble detection, and sample clot detection

Constant visibility to time to result for each test

Up to 180 test/hour throughput

400-test walkaway capacity


The ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System uses the same time-proven ChemiluminescentAcridinium Ester technology as the rest of the ADVIA Centaur Family, and the same features to maximize quality:

With the ADVIA Centaur CP Immunoassay System you can stay ahead of your growing test volume, Maximize productivity, and meet the growing needs of your lab in less time and greater efficiency.


The D-10 instrument provides comprehensive fully automated hemoglobin testing in a compact footprint. Combining diabetes and B-thalassemia testing on a single platform, the system offers simple, efficient operation for clinics, physician offices or clinical laboratories.

Easy to use, the D-10 includes an interactive instrument training CD-ROM and multilingual operational support. Developed for flexibility and reliability, the D-10 features an automatic system startup checklist and touch screen operation.

One-step cartridge switching and automatic sample bar code reading increase workflow efficiency.

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Whole blood primary tube sampling eliminates off-line sample preparation.

Separate programs for fast HbA1c or HbA2/F/A1c quantization further simplify workflow.

Review results with an improved chromatogram layout and print results through any network computer. Electronic Patient reports are also available online. Chromatograms are easy to read with all peaks labeled and calibrated peaks shaded for easy identification.


Constant throughput of 400 photometry tests per hour.

Rear spectrophometry of holographic concave flat field grating, cluster-optical path, realizing super micro volume detection of reaction solution.

60nm polished probe, liquid level detection, clot detection & collision protection.

Cuvette auto rinsing and blant cuvette detection sample rerun and dilution function.

User defined input of patient information & graphical software

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The Dimension EXL TM200 Integrated Chemistry System offers trusted productivity- enhancing features and LOCI RAdvanced Chemiluminescence Technology

Consolidates workstations with a single system that integrates chemistry and immunoassay testing.

Test from a comprehensive menu that includes critical cardiac assays and our no - pretreatment immunosuppressive drug assays.

Achieve throughput of up to 627 tests per hour with 47 assays onboard.

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Experience excellent immunoassay sensitivity using small sample volumes with homogeneous LOCI R Advanced Chemiluminescence Technology.

Produce fast and accurate results-first result in as little as 11 minutes for key critical assays.


Consolidate testing with a comprehensive menu, including chemistry, cardiac, thyroid, and our no-pretreatment immunosuppressive drug assays.

Avoid splitting samples-simultaneously run all assays from one sample tube.

Simplify your work flow - mix and match chemistry and immunoassay tests in one common reagent area.

Save space with a compact footprint of 1.5sq m(16.2sq ft.)

Meet workload demands with throughput of up to 627 test/hour and electrolyte results in under a minute.

Increase testing capabilities with 47 assays onboard concurrently.

Respond quickly with STAT sampling from any position and a 4-minute time to first result for a basic panel.

Save time with no manual sample pretreatment, no manual reagent preparation and long calibration stability.


MINI VIDAS processes single sample and batch test for all types of analysis: Serology, immunochemistry, antigen detection. Ten different analytes can be used simultaneously. All enzyme immunoassay reaction stages are performed automatically in minimal space: pipetting, incubating, washing, reading, and result are sent immediately to the integrated printer.

Completely self-contained Unit

Analytical module with 12 test positions/2 independent 6-test compartments

Integrated monitor, Keyboard and printer

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Fits easily into your laboratory

Light weight:only88 Lbs (40kg)

Small dimensions

Daily start-up completed in a few seconds only

Easy to use

Patient ID acquisition & sample distribution

Place SPR and STRIP in to the machine

Press Start Key.


Patient ID acquisition & sample distribution

Place SPR and STRIP in to the machine

Press Start Key.


Swelab Alfa Plus analyzers now come packed with the latest user-friendly technologies that make it even easier for you to obtain, analyze and share accurate hematology results.

7-inch touch-sensitive display with landscape-view WVGA color screen.

Powerful software with simple - to - understand , easy-to-navigate menus.

Interface design promotes smooth operation and accurate assessment of results

Soft lighting plus ergonomic design simplify sample handling

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USB port is evidence of much improved connectivity and communication

The familiar Swelab design houses many new features and functions.

Swelab Alfa Plus hematology analyzers combine unmatched reliability with maximum ease of operation. Fast and userfriendly, their highly-accurate results are backed up by built-in quality monitoring and low instrument maintenance. In addition, a complete system solution comprising instruments, reagents and QC materials ensures outstanding performance time after time.


VITEK 2 technology represents a smarter way to automate ID/AST testing. It provides rapid, automatic, standardized validation of every test result with next generation expert software, the ADVANCED EXPERT SYSTEM. The VITEK 2 ADVANCED EXPERT SYSTEM software is like having an expert advisor standing by your side. It applies a coloured indicator to each isolate that shows the level of confidence in the susceptibility results.

High throughput, up to 240 tests/hour

Intuitive software for ease of operation

STAT port guarantees priority sampling at any time

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The advanced expert system can boost your confidence further by automatically providing validation of every susceptibility test resuls, to help clinicians select the most appropriate antibiotic treatment. It signlas when results are ready, saving time and gives you an accurate phenotype profile of the bacterial resistance mechanism(s) for each isolate tested, using colorcoded indicators, Biomerieuz'sAdvacedReportng Tool (bioART) also enhances our reporting with customization and maximum efficiency.

Customized Reporting: According to your requirements using BIOART create rules based on intuitive 'If..then' logic.

Eliminates manual report modification

Automatically adds customized comments and alerts when reporting clinical results.

Helps implement your institution's reporting and infection control policies

Proven accuracy, with faster results, contributing to improved patient outcomes.

Minimizes human error that is an inevitable part of manually reading and reviewing results

Closed system: no aerosols, splattering or spills. Full traceability with pre-applied barcodes.


Yumizen H500 is a Hematology Analyzer which can be used as 6 parts. It is a compact analyzer with 2 Reagants concept only.

Yumizen H500 provides 27 parameters including full WBC differential with 6 WBC populations (LMNEB, Lymphocyte, Monocyte, Neutrophil, Eosinophil, Basophis and LIC-Large Immature Cells) and with alarm expert system.

Aperture Diameter for WBC and Differential as well as for RBC and PLT Detection is 60Um.

Yumizen H500 provides Throughput of 50 tests/ hour

Yumizen H500 provides Micro-sampling of 20 for both CBC and DIFF mode

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Yumizen H500 possesses Reference Technologies as Impedance, Spectrophotometry, Flow-Cytometry and Absorbance for analysis.

DHSS (Double Hydro Sequential System), a patented technology for Horiba for excellent WBC reporting

Yumizen H500 uses a unique lyse known as Whitediff. A dedicated lysing solution exclusively used for

Erythrocytes lysing (RBC)

Leucocytes Counting (WBC)

Leucocytes Differentiation (DIFF)

Hemoglobin Determination (HGB)


DHSS (Double Hydro Sequential System), For Cytochemistry and Flow Cytometry


Temperature controlled reagent cytochemistry produces excellent cell differentiation

40 hours post-draw stability

Flow Cytometry

Precise Cellular identification by injecting the prepared sample into a double hydrodynamic cytometer: Impedance (Cell Volume measurement and optical analysis of the internal cellular structure by measuring light absorbency)