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Hospital Lab Management

Under the Hospital Lab Management (HLM) model, we set-up clinical laboratories in newly established hospitals as well as manage “in-hospital” clinical laboratories in existing hospitals, to conduct onsite testing as per the hospital's requirements. Pursuant to the terms of our contractual agreements, the hospital typically provides space and access to its utilities and otherinfrastructure,andweprovidethediagnosticequipment, and responsible for all costs relating to personnel, consumables, including purchase of equipment, training of manpower and other administrative responsibilities pertaining to the laboratory. Our agreements are exclusive in nature, and generally for terms ranging from three to ten years.

We adopt a 360-degree approach in our laboratory services. We offer a comprehensive array of tests across a wide spectrum of specializations, including biochemistry, hematology, immunology and serology to name a few. Our promise to partnering hospitals is to assume complete responsibility for its laboratory services. We are equipped to cater to a diverse range of medical establishments, ranging from 20 bed clinics to medical colleges with 750 beds. As of Nov 2019, we have 77 laboratories under the HLM at Premier Health Center.

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