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Home collection Service

Thinking for longtime on Home collection services on Lab services. What if we say we have it ready !

Premier Health Center offers you affordable & Customisable Home collection Service

Premier is regarded one of the finest diagnostic centers in the City, it has been recognized by government and various hospitals for successful ventures and diagnostic services for over a decade. What were never compromised in all these achievements over the 40+ years are the ethics and the original vision of providing the best in diagnostics at affordable price.

How Premier Home Care Works?

PREMIER HOME CARE is a convenient, technology driven platform that serves as a one stop solution for your patients. It is an home collection for all lab services, offering patients the convenience of making their choice based on time, comfort, location,and turnaround time. Patients also enjoy the added luxury of getting their samples collected in the comforts of their home by a trained phlebotomist.

Patients can fix HOME CARE Service by calling our 24/7 patients care number get info on specific test and profiles that need to be done. PHC shares all the relevant details, including price, quality and certifications, typical turnaround time etc. Patients can then choose the time of Home Care they would like to engage with.

We created a specially designed box and universal kit to ensure accurate results with Pre-bar coded tubes,Hygienic sample draw accessories,Insulated box for safe transportation of samples,Temperature controlled to ensure sample quality

Once our PREMIER HOME CARE team is contacted, patients can schedule home sample collection requests at a convenient date & time. The request gets transmitted to our phlebotomists operating in the area. Phlebotomists accepts the request based on their availability. Once accepted, the request is then automatically scheduled in Phlebotomist’s calendar. Our phlebotomist will go to your patients home at the scheduled time to collect the sample in a safe & hygienic method and deliver it to our Nearest PHC .The technology driven sample collection process and transportation of samples in a specially designed box, ensures superior sample quality, enabling accurate result.

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