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8 Foods that makes you smarter
On Friday 16 September 2011
Eat More: Eggs Egg yolks contain choline, a nutrient that is important for memory. Studies show that deficiency in choline may contribute to age-related mental decline. Your body can't make choline, it must be gotten through diet, and most of us don't get enough. A recent government survey showed that only 2 percent of post-menopausal American women and less than 10 percent of the general U.S. population consume the recommended amount of choline. One hard-boiled egg contains about 20 percent of your daily choline needs. Enjoy: 4 to 5 times a week Have More: Yogurt & Milk Vitamin D plays an important role in brain development and function. Vitamin D-fortified milk, yogurt and other fortified dairy foods are good sources of vitamin D. Because of its role in crucial body functions, many health experts recommend that that you get about 1,000 IU (international units) a day. One cup of vitamin D-fortified milk or yogurt contain about 100 IU. Enjoy: Daily Eat More: Leafy Greens Popeye is known for his brawn, but his brain must be pretty powerful too thanks to all that spinach he eats. Spinach and other dark, leafy greens like chard, kale and collard greens are rich in folic acid which is essential for the metabolism of the long chain fatty acids in your brain. Enjoy: Daily Eat More: Lean Beef Rich in vitamin B12, iron and zinc, lean beef is one of the best foods for your brain. These vitamins and minerals have been shown to maintain healthy brain tissue. In addition, iron deficiency may affect mental performance. Enjoy: 3 times a week Eat More: Berries Here are even more reasons to love berries. The plant chemical called anthocyanin, which give berries their distinctive rich hue, can protect the brain against a range of conditions. In one study, subjects who ate the most blueberries lowered their risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension) by 10 percent. High blood pressure increases your risk of stroke, and reduced blood flow from hypertension can contribute to dementia and cognitive impairment. A separate study showed that men and women who regularly eat berries may have a lower risk of developing Parkinson's disease. And yet other research shows that people who eat strawberries improve their memory and motor skills. In addition, berries are high in antioxidants which protect your brain from free radicals. So bring on berries of all kinds! Enjoy: Daily Eat More: Spices Certain spices, like ground cinnamon and dried oregano, have powerful antioxidant properties. One-half teaspoon of dried oregano contains the antioxidant equivalent of one-half cup of sweet potatoes, according to researchers at the University of Oslo in Norway. Cinnamon helps lower blood pressure and improves the way blood sugar and insulin move through your body, making "food" delivery to your cells more efficient. Enjoy: Daily Eat more: Whole Grains Whole grains deliver fiber and vitamin E that help promote cardiovascular health, which helps improve blood flow to the brain. In addition, the fiber in whole grains helps regulate the release of glucose into your blood stream. Glucose is your brain cells' (and all cells in your body!) main source of fuel, so keeping levels steady help keep your brain humming at an optimal level. Enjoy: Daily Drink More: Water Drink up! About three-fourths of your brain volume is water, so staying hydrated helps your brain perform at peak levels

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