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Home Collection ( Only for complete blood investigation,ECG,Portable X-ray )
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Instruments At PHC
Advia centar cp
Origin :Germany
ThroughtPut :84 samples/ per hour
Parameter :18,3 pt differential
Coagulation analyzer (Helena c1)
Origin :Germany
Origin :U.S.
ThroughtPut :400 samples/ per hour
Parameter :50 pt differential
OpenSystem :yes
Exicycler 96 (pcr)
ThroughtPut :96 samples per plate
Parameter :10 differential
OpenSystem :yes
HbA1c D10 (Biorad)
Origin :China
ThroughtPut :10 samples per 30 minutes.
Haematology Analyser (Excell 22- drew)
Origin :U.S.A
Speciality :To check iron deficiency 22 parameters.
Other Features :Fully Automated ( Within 2 minutes reading)
Haematology analyzer ( BC 3000 Mindrey)
Origin :German
Speciality :To check all iron deficiency.
Other Features :Fully Automated (within 2 minutes reading)
Urometer 120 (urine analyzer)
Origin :German
Speciality :To check all UTI problems.
Other Features :Fully automated setup
E.S.R. 2010 – Laxpro
Origin :China
ThroughtPut :20 samples per hour.
Easylite plus
Origin :USA

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