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Home Collection ( Only for complete blood investigation,ECG,Portable X-ray )
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Objective Policy
Our primary objective is to maintain an organizational culture that provide a prompt quality of service to our customers meeting their needs.
Service Policy
The Service policy of PHC is to have good business relationship with Non profitable organizations and NGO’s to provide free medical.
Planning Policy
Premier Health Center anticipates and responds to the need of the hour test results of the patients.
Quality Policy
Premier Health Center is one of the best diagnostic center in Chennai providing quality diagnosis and health checks.
We at PHC promise to provide the best service in the field of diagnostic Services embracing the latest technology and by
continually improving.We exercise the responsibility through providing adequate training to our employees, adherence to proven procedures, and total commitment to meeting and exceeding customer requirements. This system is enabled in our laboratory for the accurate reports of the tests conducted.
All our centers are individual labs and not collection centers . Premier Health Center focuses mainly on the reliability responsibility assurance and empathy.

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